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In an alternate reality where the world is entirely covered by a thick fog, find your way as a little girl using your Sonoscope to travel through a hostile territory. 

Stay hidden and don’t draw the attention of your enemies to survive.

The world is entirely covered by a fog that has appeared hundreds of years ago and society has adapted to it.

The conflict between your community, The Soupirs and you opponent community Esagil pushed you to venture out to the wall of this enemy city.

Your community has adapted herself and oriented  its technology around sound.

On your back you got a strange tool : a Sonoscope, it can makes you viualise the sound in your environment : send a sound wave to reveal the environment at mid range, working with echolocation.
But careful : every action with the Sonoscope consumes battery and the guards are so close and could hear you...

You embody Soris, a young little Soupir's girl trained to take part in this conflict

Infiltrate discreetely in the enemy city without being spotted and find the secret of this mysterious Sonoscope.

C O N T R O L S  

C R E D I T S 


  BERMIS Lisa (Character Artist, Animator)
  DUPUIS Quentin (Animator, Narrative Designer, Environment artist, 
  Level artist)

  PICCOLI Delphine (vFX artist, Lighting artist)


  PENON Victor (Game & Level designer, IA designer)
  PRODEO Rémi (Game & Level designer, IA designer)


  CHABROUILLAUD Guerric (Technical sound deigner, Composer)
  DROUILLARD Damien (Technical sound deigner, Composer)


  SANTORO Fabrzio (Graphics Programmer)
  ULYSSE Pierre (Gameplay/AI programmer)


  BLANC Aliénor (Technical UX/UI)


  TREVIGNON Théa (Management, producing, marketing)


la-brume-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Apr 01, 2021

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